DR Rona Newmark Psychology Practice.



Questions you may ask, or have. You may be asking many questions or have certain thoughts.

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • I feel powerless
  • Why am I so lonely and depressed?
  • How do I set myself free?
  • How do I find a suitable career?
  • I cannot trust anybody
  • I feel stuck
  • I am hanging by a thread
  • My relationship(s) are not working
  • My children are difficult or struggle at school

And, asking for help is not a weakness….in fact it is sign of taking responsibility for your life and happiness and moving closer to your desired future.

Through specialized therapeutic techniques you can learn to rise above the drama and take control of your life and world. You will learn to understand yourself.

You will work with all the dimensions of yourself (e.g. Physical, emotional and intellectual) and enhance the expression of your true potential

Enjoying your career/school work or whatever activity you choose to participate in daily.