Psychology Practice

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Science & Research

Measurement of quality of life can be described as a unique and personal, multidimensional experience of one’s own wellbeing, Improving quality of life prevents dis(ease). Through support one can fill the gap between momentary experiences of happiness and long-lasting well-being. For children it is important to build a foundation for later happiness. Psychology of the Future focuses on positive human functioning, based on science with effective interventions to build thriving individuals, families and communities.

Commercial Mediation

As a Certified Commercial and Legal Mediator, Mediation is available for Companies and Individuals. Family and Legal Mediation I am a registered Court Annexed Mediator and Provide Parenting plans, Voice of the Child assessments, Mediation in Family matters. Alternative Dispute resoluation is suggested to prevent the challenges and the high cost of legal action (Social Justice and Peace making)

Trauma & Counselling through EMDR

Trauma often creates a feeling of being ‘out of control’ . EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can be viewed as a physiologically based psychotherapy therapy that has supported many people of all ages to release various kinds of psychological distress. It supports you to see disturbing material in a less distressing manner. EMDR is based on bilateral stimulation using auditory or visual stimuli, which is similar to the psychological state that we enter when in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During REM sleep we are able to make new associations between things very rapidly.

Biofeedback & Resilience in the Workplace

Support towards resilience in the workplace and the prevention of burnout is offered. Biofeedback includes a registered medical device for stress release.

Therapy through Play

Child-centered play therapy and the use of creative media through play. In non-directive play/child-centered therapy the therapist meets with parents and then works with the child. Parents receive feedback after a few sessions to discuss the child’s progress and needs. I also work with creative media through play to address the child’s unique needs.

Filial Therapy: Teaching parents how to interact with their children

Filial therapy was developed in the 1960s by Bernard and Louise Guerney and is a closely related form of child-centered play therapy and involves the parents or caregivers as the agents of therapeutic change. Parents are taught the essentials and need to be followed through. It can be delivered and adapted in many ways. Parents practice the skills by playing with their child for 30 minutes a week. Filial therapy helps children to express their feelings and fears through natural play and this may help them to understand their feelings, be able to express their needs, reduce problem behaviors, have a more health self-esteem. It helps parents to understand their children, develop confidence as parents and become more able to trust their children as well as deal in new ways with family life.

Psycho-Educational Assessment & Support

Educational Psychology assessments of learning and behavioral difficulties supported children to adjust in school in various settings in collaboration with other professionals and schools. Children who, for instance, struggle to concentrate are often misunderstood. Parents who have so-called “difficult” children or children with disabilities often do not receive the support they need and move from professional to professional to understand their child’s needs. This creates financial, personal and relationship strain on parents and families.

Disability, Diversity and Vulnerable Individuals such as the Elderly

I have a special interest in the broad spectrum of disability and especially focus on the rights of individuals and groups. I facilitate support for parents, educators, employers and individuals with disability across the lifespan. Support is also provided to Senior Citizens in managing lifestyle changes.

Death and Dying

Support during terminal illness or life-threatening experiences for the individual and the family. Support is also provided to manage the fear of death at all ages.

Enhancing Relationships

Relationships are enhanced through individual therapy and/or therapy with couples or families and through workshops.

Support for Adolescents & Young Adults

Adolescents and adults are supported in their needs related to social life, sexuality and their careers. Transition phases in life often bring diverse emotions and challenges.


C Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a powerful psychotherapeutic modality which addresses the growth and health of body, mind, emotion and spirit. This modality fits within the general categories of deep experiential psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, and transpersonal psychotherapy (Zimberhoff &Hartmann,1998). Increasingly, research shows that how we live, what we think, how we feel, and stress affect our health.

Breathwork Therapy

Various modalities of Breathwork are used to enhance Mental and Physical Health. Breath work facilitates psychological recovery by activating the subconscious and providing the possibility for transformation. It is available in individual and workshop settings.


Through psychodrama we represent physically what has been experienced psychologically. Psychodrama is highly effective because the experiential process concretizes the abstract. In Certain modalities of Psychodrama, the power of psychodrama is combined with the sensitivity of hypnosis.

HIV & Aids Education & Counseling

As an academic I have several years of experience in Sexuality education and life orientation. Clients are supported towards a healthy lifestyle in collaboration with various specialists. All information is dealt with in strict confidentiality.

Workshops & Web-based Counseling

This form of counseling is also available through chats or skype. Individual and group workshops are created according to requests for individuals and groups across the lifespan. Workshops themes are available at request.

Supervision for Masters, Doctoral Students & Interns

Based on 25 years of experience in Higher Education and the supervision of students a service in supervision is provided for students. This may include emotional resilience and career preparation. As a senior psychologist and due to experience in Higher Education with the training of psychologists, supervision is also available for intern psychologists.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management focuses on health promotion and the facilitation of quality of life, which include a process of taking control over your health and life, together with reducing health and other risks. Stress management is an important branch of lifestyle management which includes effective techniques to relieve stress related issues. The relationship between stress and disease has been well-documented in research. Individual sessions and Workshops are presented in collaboration with a network of specialists. This service can be provided face-to-face individual/group sessions, through experiential workshops, online or telephonically.